LOOK: These Anti-Virus Stickers Are Perfect For Your Home and Gadgets

We are still living in a pandemic and though we are COVID-19 vaccinated, there are still other viruses and other illnesses that we can catch. I often used disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces until I found Z-Touch.

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Z-Touch is an anti-microbial line that eliminates 99.9% of viruses including COVID-19. Each product has a smart nano ion technology that can protect different surfaces and often touched items from viruses and bacteria for up to 1 year.

We are using antimicrobial stickers for doorknobs, light switches, and even on our phones. 

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Since we use our mobile phones often, viruses and bacteria can easily transfer from our hands to our gadgets. The Z-Touch antimicrobial protection pad is excellent especially when you are out and about.

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If you want additional protection for your phone, Z-Touch also has anti-virus screen protectors that can kill viruses and bacteria. It is also anti-glare and anti-fingerprint! 

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Highly touched surfaces at home are doorknobs and light switches. We placed these stickers on them for added protection.

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Aside from the stickers, Z-Touch also has an antimicrobial pad that is large enough to place on counters or tables. 

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One more COVID-19 essential are face masks. The Z-Touch face mask is perfect, especially when going out. Aside from being an anti-virus mask. The Z-Touch face mask has a self-cleaning innovation and can be used up to 30 washes. It also stops the growth of bacteria so goodbye bad breath and maskne! It’s also perfect for workouts because it is very breathable!


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