LOOK: The LA Clippers have a new Mascot!

Have you seen the new face of the Clippers company?

If you tuned in to their game against the Brooklyn Nets last Monday evening (Tuesday morning here in the Philippines), you would have met their fine “feathery” friend Chuck: Chuck the Condor.

According to reports, Chuck made his surprising appearance during the game’s halftime break; he even put up a show for them!

Oh wait, did we mention that everyone present goes home with a voucher for a pair of red high-top Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers? (We cry!)

The Clippers’ new friend definitely did it in for the team: The Clippers won 105-95 against the Nets and are now 39-20.

They host the OKC Thunder on Wednesday night (Thursday morning in the Philippines), the first of three meetings between the teams this March.

We’ll leave you with this:

Are you looking forward to seeing chuck in the clippers’ next match?


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