VIDEO: Stephen Curry’s Long-Range shot to end OT game Against OKC!

Stephen Curry‘s long-range shots are nothing to be surprised about — everyone knows he’s good at it. But his game-winning 3-point shot against the OKC Thunders, now that’s going down as his best in history (unless he breaks it in the future,that is.)

With just seconds left on the clock, the Warriors MVP threw a swift shot from beyond the arc (somewhere between the arc and the half court line) to brake an overtime game tie, 121-118, and handing the warriors their 53rd win and a sure slot in the playoffs.

And as if that’s not enough, he even tied the record for most 3-point shots ever in an NBA game with 12 3-point baskets; the mark was set by Kobe Bryant in 2003 and was tied by Donyell Marshall in 2005.

Curry Husstled 46 points for the night with 12-of-16 behind-the-arc baskets. Here’s the video of his crazy wining shot:


That’s not all! The shot was so crazy good that even LeBron James reacted to it!

He’s definitely got LeBron’s attention now.

What do you think? Is Stephen Curry a crazy shooting machine or what?