Video: Stephen Curry Gives Game-Worn shoes to young fan as a Birthday Gift

When the Golden State Warriors went up against the Orlando Magics Thursday night (Friday morning in the Philippines), Stephen Curry didn’t only makes 51 points: He also made a young boy very happy.

According to reports, Stephen Curry handed off his game-worn shoes to a young boy holding a sign “Curry #30 it’s my birthday” on his way out of the court after a stellar night.

Curry had a powerful 51-point performance to lead the Warriors  130-114 against the Magics, setting a new record for most consecutive regular-season games with a 3-point basket;  he made 10 3-point shots that night.

The warriors have now edged up to a 52-5 record, inching them closer to the Chicago Bulls’ historic 72-10 record — a record the Warriors are looking to surpass.

Check out the video below:

Would you like Stephen Curry’s game-worn shoes too?


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