LOOK: Sugar-Free Bakery Offers Guilt-Free Filipino Desserts, Cake, and Even Pizza

Written by Clariz Mendoza

Isn’t it hard to resist snacks, meriendas and…dessert? Plus, if you’re a sweet tooth like me, you would know the struggle of saying “no” to treats.

Lucky for us, there is a bakery that offers Filipino favorite snacks and desserts that allow us to enjoy without compromising our wellness! Introducing Sugar-Free Bakery, where everything is low carb, contains zero sugar, and keto-friendly, so we can enjoy all the snacks we want without feeling the guilt.

Here are some of the must-tries at Sugar-Free Bakery:

Keto Bibingka with Salted Egg
Box of 2 for Php 300

the sugar free bakery 7

This yummy Keto Bibingka is perfect for the holidays! You will surely feel the Christmas season through this delicacy. Every bite is a delight because of its soft and moist texture. You will also taste a hint of coconut which blends well with the huge chunks of cheese inside the bibingka. In addition to that, fresh salted egg is added at the top to finish off this beloved Filipino snack. Give in to your cravings and try out this bibingka!

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Signature Sugar-free Ensaymada
Box of 6 for Php 350

the sugar free bakery 4

Another Filipino classic food but with a healthier twist! This ensaymada will put other ensaymadas to shame. It is very soft and is overflowing with shredded cheese! Perfect for meriendas. With six pieces in a box for Php 350, this is a good deal.

Signature Keto Vegetarian Pizza
10″ Pizza of 8 Slices for P500

the sugar free bakery 14

Who would even think that this mouthwatering pizza comes with zero guilt? It may look like a regular pizza, but with its guilt-free factor, I’d say this pizza is better. Always baked fresh, this pizza that’s topped with shiitake and oyster mushrooms, olives, jalapeno, and sun-dried tomatoes is simply irresistible.

Sugar-Free Fresh Blueberry Cake
3” Personal Cake for P275

the sugar free bakery 1

And last but definitely not the least, is Sugar-Free Bakery’s Blueberry Cake! Fresh blueberries are incorporated into this spongy chiffon, but it also has a chocolaty taste. You’ll feel curious yet amazed on how a cake can be this good without any sugar in it.

Which of these would you like to try ASAP? Tell us what you think in the comments!

The Sugar-Free Bakery

#73 Dr. Natividad St, Ibayo, Tipas, Taguig
Sunday – Thursday 9am – 6 pm
+63 949 786 5399

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thesugarfreebakeryph/
Instagram: @thesugarfreebakeryph