LOOK: Students Show Support for the SOGIE Equality Bill!

Article by Denise Nicole Uy

Even the slight downpour wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of these passionate LGBTQ allies as they showed their support for the SOGIE Equality Bill. LGBTQ members and allies alike flocked to De La Salle University to attend the YES to Equality Mob; and boy, was it colorful!

It was my first time attending an event like this and the people were so welcoming and kind. Seeing a lot of my queer friends getting emotional as they saw the support from the both within the LGBTQ community and out of it is definitely a memory I won’t forget anytime soon.

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Seeing how vocal and driven a lot of young people, students around my age, are about things like this gives me hope for a generation that is determined to leave the world better than they entered it. I can’t gush enough about the wonderful people I met and the camaraderie I felt during the entire ordeal. It was magical! It was splendid! It was lit, fam!

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As a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I love watching videos of queens online. Never did I suspect that I’d be blessed enough to watch a real queen perform live for a dazzled audience! From sitting amicably on the grass to jumping up and singing along to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, the crowd went wild for Lady Gagita!

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Pictures can’t capture how much she slayed her performance. From the moment of her entrance we were hooked, and when the iconic song started playing well we were shookt.

Nothing amps up a crowd like Lady Gaga and while she totally killed her performance we were dancing along with her!

This is a memory I’ll hold dearly. And I’m glad that there are people out there who have so much love to give in a world that isn’t always nice. Rainbows aren’t just beautiful and lovely, they are warm too after the rain.