LOOK: Students attend graduation despite heavy floods

The show must go on.

In light of ‘graduation season’ in the Philippines that normally comes around March to early April, though a Facebook post, Arjay Juarez Custodio shares photos of an ongoing graduation ceremony submerged in flood.

He captions:

“Unforgettable Closing Exercises of Balas Elementary School..

Flood 1
Photo above shows how the graduates rolled up their slacks and pulled up their dresses as to not let it touch the flood waters, while as the photo below seems to indicate the flood level from the man walking in the background by around knee level.

Flood 3 Flood 2
Arjay is a first grade teacher at the mentioned school, located at Lamitan, Basilan in Mindanao.

“It happened an hour before our closing exercises. Everything was already set. Our closing exercises was at 1 p.m., biglang lumakas ang ulan (the rain grew strong). Other graduating pupils were already there. In fact, they got wet; even the teachers.

We have nothing to do but to push through with the program. We started at 1:30 p m. If we will transfer to another venue, baka maabutan kami ng gabi (this might take as long as until night time),” he shares.

Through another photoset of the same occasion, he shares photos of him and his co-teachers enjoying lunch on the day of commencement exercises despite the flood that trudged in. The flood has unfortunately submerged inside their lunch place but their smiles display otherwise despite the situation.

He captions:

“Nobody can topple down the resiliency of Balas Elementary School teachers.
#61stclosingexercises #lunchtime”

Flood 4 Flood 5
Nothing can truly beat the optimism and resiliency of a Filipino in dealing with situations like this!

You can view the entire photo sets here and here.

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