LOOK: Spurs fan from the Philippines travels to San Antonio for dream photo with Manu Ginobili

Traveling 8,464 miles “just to see Manu Ginobili, Popovich and the great San Antonio Spurs” turned out to be worth it for one fan.

Raj Menghrajani, a 34-year-old Indian who was born and raised in the Philippines, saw his dream turn into reality when he had his photo taken with Spurs forward Manu Ginobili, his favorite NBA player.

Menghrajani prepared a unique poster and flew to San Antonio from the Philippines to see a Spurs game in early March. In the hopes of getting close to his basketball idols, he paid extra just so he could in the arena early for the pre-game shootaround.



After holding his poster for more than an hour, Spurs GM RC Buford noticed him and called him over. Buford asked his staff to assist Menghrajani around the court to have his photos taken with several Spurs players.

It was always a dream for Menghrajani to get a picture with Ginobili, and on that day, he finally got his wish. And the Spurs won that game against the Rockets as an added bonus!








Here’s to making dreams come true! Way to go, Raj!

Which NBA player would you fly 8,000 miles for?

(Photos courtesy of Raj Menghrajani)