LOOK: Rizal Monument Lights Up with the Colours of the French Flag to Show Respect

The entire world was shocked when the merciless incident happened in the city of love, Paris. Leaving the country with 129 people killed, 99 in critical condition, and 352 injured, no words could describe how painful this tragic incident was.

Globally, people showed their utmost respect, unity, and love to everyone in Paris, by changing their profile photo with a shade of the French flag in Facebook.

In fact, the Eiffel Tower lights were out as a sign of mourning and in loving memory of the 129 people who passed away.

Eiffel Tower lights off

Photo credit: AFP / BBC

In accordance to this, our country also showed sympathy by lighting up the Rizal monument with the colors of the French flag.
Rizal Monument Lights

Source: The Philippines Facebook page

Here’s the full caption to the photo:

“We stand with France now, in the firm belief that the light must never dim in Paris.” -President Benigno S. Aquino III

In solidarity with the people of Paris, the Philippines lights up the Rizal monument with the colors of the French flag.

This photo, however, received mixed reactions, but nevertheless well-accepted.

Our prayers go out to Paris and the whole world.

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