Johnny Depp’s Daughter Lily Rose Escaped Paris Terror Attacks

Johnny Depp’s teenage daughter narrowly escaped the horrors of the terror attacks in the French capital.

Sixteen-year-old model Lily Rose, Johnny Depp’s daughter with French singer Vanessa Paradis was in Paris when the city was attacked with a series of fatal shootings.

Lily Rose reportedly left a friend’s house party in Paris before the attacks took place. In a photo posted on her Instagram account, the model revealed that her friends were still “locked inside the party waiting for this to be over”.

Lily Rose Depp Paris terror attacks 1

Lily rose shared on her Instagram:

 I’m so lucky to have left when i did and to be home safe but I’ve never seen more panic in my life than on the streets on my way home. This kind of cruelty is heartbreaking. Sending love and prayers to everyone anywhere near this danger. Stay inside #prayforparis

Johnny’s daughter also posted a second photo after some netizens criticized her for posting a selfie in regard to the Paris attacks:

Lily Rose Depp Paris terror attacks 2

People were complaining that my last photo discussing the paris attacks was a selfie. If what you’re worried about is what photo I post to talk about the paris attacks and not the attacks themselves then you are very small minded. That was the last photo I took before the attacks happened. It is a terrifying and emotional night for everyone here in paris, please only express good vibes and love. that is what we need right now.

At least 129 people were confirmed to be killed in the French capital after three teams of terrorists took over different parts of the city and aimed fire at civilians, according to reports. 89 people were killed at the Bataclan Concert Hall, where rock band Eagles of Death Metal was staging a concert.

Our hearts go out to the victims in the Paris terror attacks and in all crimes against humanity in various parts of the world.

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