LOOK: Raymond Gutierrez’s Weight Loss is Super Inspiring!

When it comes to the Gutierrez twins, it’s pretty easy to tell them apart: Richard is the built one, while Raymond is the heavier one. It didn’t really matter as Raymond isn’t an actor, so he can look whatever the way he wants. Besides, when it comes to achievements, Raymond can keep up with Richard. He is a host, endorser, and a “nightlife connoisseur.”

Now, it looks like Raymond is catching up with Richard in terms of looks, because he lost a lot of weight. And while he was already handsome in his previous state, he looks even better now!

Check out this before picture, taken last year in the same month:

He shared this video on Instagram, where he said that he’s “sick of being fat.” The video then shows him working out with his celebrity friends, like Erwan Heussaff, Rajo Laurel, Nico Bolzico, and Adrien Semblat.

But now, all this hard work has paid off, because he now looks like this:

Now that is inspiring!

What’s your fitness secret? Share it below!

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