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Thousands of people depart and arrive from the airport each day. Sometimes, spotting your luggage on the conveyor belt becomes a sport, especially when your luggage looks similar to hundreds of other luggages. Thankfully, you can now add your own touch to your luggages with Personalized Luggages by Love123byCamille!

Ms. Camille Gayoso, owner of Personalized Luggages by Love123byCamille, started her business last December 2017 due to her love of having everything personalized. She looked for lightweight, easy to use, durable, and stylish luggages that she could use for her travels and added names and designs to them to make them easier to spot on the conveyor belt. Since then, she has accommodated hundreds of customers who wanted to add their personal touch on their luggages.

You may choose between two types of materials for your luggage: polycarbonate (PC) or aluminum. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and all luggages have 360-degree spinner wheels. All luggage models are spacious and have durable compression straps and compartments that vary for each model. Here are some of their bestselling models:

20″ Polycarbonate (PC) in white

Luggages made from polycarbonate are lightweight yet durable. The PC model has double zippers and a built-in lock for extra security, and can carry from 7 up to 30 kilograms. It comes in 5 sizes (18/20/22/24/28 inches) and a variety of colors (while, black, silver, rose gold, etc.). Prices for the polycarbonate model start at only P1,400.

28″ PC TSA in rose gold

They recently launched their new model of the PC luggage that already has TSA-approved locks and have been tried and tested by clients in long-haul flights. Materials of the PC model are sourced from Korea and luggages are manufactured here in the Philippines.

18″ Aluminum in rose gold

On the other hand, luggages made from aluminum are highly durable and stylish with its color finish. It can carry up to 35 kilograms and come in 4 sizes (20/24/26/29 inches) and different colors (rose gold, silver, purple, etc). This model is very sleek, making it perfect for stylish travelers!

Aluminum luggage latches with double TSA-approved lock

The aluminum model has latches in place of zippers and have double TSA-approved locks to ensure the safety of your belongings. Prices for the aluminum model start at P3,400.

Sample personalized luggage in petite (L) and 18″ aluminum laptop handcarry (R)

All luggage models can be personalized for just Php250 per luggage. You may request for a design or send in your own creation in PNG/JPEG format and they’ll gladly have it printed on your luggages. Same-day deliveries are accommodated should you ever have a luggage emergency.

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Spotting your luggage is now easier with Personalized Luggages by Love123byCamille! Check out their other models and view their sample designs on their online shop or visit their store in Quezon City.

Personalized Luggages by Love123byCamille

Retiro, Quezon City

0977 023 3535

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Love123byCamille

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