Travel tips: 5 packing mistakes and how to avoid them



When I was new to traveling, I admit that have made a lot of mistakes when it came to packing my luggage. Not only did this add extra cost to my travel but it also made it a lot difficult to haul a baggage when I reached my destination. Now, after a lot of miles covered, I have learned from my mistakes and have definitely have improved a lot in terms of packing. I would like to share with you some of these packing mistakes you won’t have to commit the same mistakes as I did.

5. Bringing a lot of gadgets


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I realized that when traveling, you really don’t need several cameras or even an extra headset for that matter. You can survive with just your phone, a charger, and an adaptor just in case the sockets in your destination are different from the ones here in the Philippines. If you are a digital nomad who works like me when traveling, it might help if you bring your laptop. If you don’t plan to work at all, you can skip taking it with you. In some cases, you can just download apps on your phone and work from there. Most of the time, there are phone-compatible versions of the software, although, with limited functionality, that you use on your laptop anyway.

4. Packing all the clothes you own

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When it comes to packing clothes, you need to have a bit of self-control. Oftentimes, when we travel, we tend to pack all the clothes that we have on the cabinet. So, we usually end up with a fully-loaded luggage.

A trick for this is to list down what you plan to wear during your trip. You can mix and match different items, and you can repeat pieces of clothing like a jacket or a blazer. This limits the clothes you bring and also helps plan your OOTDs.

If you will be traveling for a long time, don’t worry because you can do laundry while traveling. For instance, some AirBNBs have a washing machine that you can use.

3. Remember that they have stores where you are going

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Oftentimes, we forget that there are stores where we are going and we pack everything from home. We pack our entire bathroom for the trip. If you want to keep your luggage a bit light, you may want to just pop over a supermarket in your destination. Moreover, most accommodations have toiletries anyway. So, unless you have special toiletries needed, you can just use what they provide in your hotel or BNB.

2. Thinking that a luggage is one-size-fits-all

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It is important to realize that different types of luggage fit different kinds of trip. If you’re taking a carry-on wheelie on a trip, make sure that it’s not too wide to roll down the aisle. In some cases, a backpack is better for comfort, capacity, and weight. It is a mistake to think that you can take the same luggage every time.

1. Leave the hairdryer

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Sometimes, it’s okay to leave the hairdryer at home. Hotels usually have them anyway. If you are going on a backpacking trip, you might need it. You can just tie your hair and go for a natural look. Moreover, you can just spend the time drying your hair exploring the city instead.

Anything to add to this story? Share your thoughts with us.