LOOK: Paninging the sleeping pup makes it big on international media sites

The adorable pupper who shot to fame due to her off-beat sleeping position is making it even bigger. She may already be akin to a public figure to us here in the Philippines, but the rest of the world is just catching on to this viral puppy. Her Facebook page, The Real Paningning, recently shared the different features this Shih Tzu is quickly collecting from countries all across the globe.

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Originally reported by New York’s Complex, the story of this sleeping pup has spread to countries like Singapore, Thailand, China, and even Russia. It seems that all we need is cuteness to break even the toughest of media boundaries.

A Russian publication, for example, had a comprehensive article detailing Paningning’s rise to fame. While a Thai media site took the time to collect tweets from Paningning’s fans just to show everyone’s love for the tiny pup. A common factor in all the articles was their obsession with Paningning’s memes.

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They collected the photos which edited her onto different backgrounds and they just couldn’t get enough of them! This one was a particular favorite:

This new side to Paningning’s fame is especially sweet given that her owner never planned it. Janess Cua told ABS-CBN in an interview that: “Honestly hindi ko po ineexpect na mag trending siya kasi po always naman ako nagpopost ng pic ng mga dogs ko kasi nagiging happy ako ‘pag pinipicturan ko po sila.” [Honestly, I did not expect that it would become trending because I always post photos my dogs since it makes me happy to take their photos.]

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