LOOK: Netizens Sign James Deakin’s Pink Car to Show Support for Cancer

Cancer is the third leading cause of death in the Philippines, so it’s no surprise that when blogger James Deakin painted a car bright pink for cancer awareness, the story went viral. He said, “Think of [the car] as an unwelcome mat on wheels that goes door to door and wall to wall telling cancer to piss off. Let it also serve as a reminder to all women over 30 to have themselves checked regularly. If it only achieves that, then we’ve already won.”

The story went so viral that Deakin allowed people with loved ones suffering from cancer to sign the car.

According to Deakin on Facebook:

It’s only been a few days but already Pink Panther has started collecting quite a few names to take along its journey of hope. I still have a list of about 200 names that are yet to be written on the car, as well as hundreds of messages from folks asking how they can personally sign their names or the names of their loved ones that are either going through or have been through cancer.

He asked a dealership to accommodate his car so people can just go to sign.

So I called in a favor. Two, actually. I asked my casa in BGC if they wouldn’t mind letting pink panther park in their dealership for a few days while I’m away on assignment next week. Not only did they agree, they also offered their Quezon Avenue branch so that those in the North won’t have a hard time getting down there.

Second, I asked if there are any kids with nice handwriting out there that want to help write names on the car. Immediately, I got two volunteers, which is really cool, but I could use a few more.

So, central locations: check. Two very willing teenagers with nice handwriting: check. Sort of. Now here’s the deal. Starting Wednesday to Friday, the car will be at the Volkswagen Quezon Ave dealership. Saturday and Sunday it will be in BGC. Feel free to just walk in and ask for the marking pens we have provided and sign the name of someone going through a similar journey.

Deakin also offered an alternative for those who can’t visit the branches.

If you want to volunteer to be one of those that write the names, or want to include names that you would like us to write for you, just leave the names in the comments box and we will take care of it for you.

Deakin decided to paint his car pink after his mother and aunt were diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of moping around and feeling helpless, James decided to make a stand and spread the word about breast cancer awareness by painting his car bright pink.

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