LOOK: Michael Jordan Signs “Last Shot” Artwork of Filipino Artist

Last July, pen and charcoal artist Christian Oliver Talampas went viral when he shared that he wanted to reach Michael Jordan and show him an artwork that he made depicting the basketball legend’s last shot.

On social media, Talampas said, “The dream started when I was a little boy, I promised myself that one day I will be great because each and every one of us [has] the privilege to achieve it, some are just afraid to try.”

Now, not only has the legend seen it, but he has signed it, too!

Bryan Apodaca, a collector from the US, coordinated with Jordan’s team to make it happen.

Talampas, along with collector Bigboy Cheng, shared a photo on Instagram of Jordan signing the artwork. The artist also shared a video unboxing the work, along with some souvenirs the basketball players sent. These include a shirt and playing cards that Jordan used.

On Instagram, Talampas said, “Way back in 1990, I was 8 when I first saw Michael Jordan on TV. I started to like him, adored him, and became a solid fan.”

Unlike other kids who wanted to become an engineer, a doctor, a scientist, or a soldier, he wanted to be like Jordan. He added, “that dream became a goal. Since then I [was on the] pursuit of having even a small connection with him. I made myself good at everything I wish to do, hoping that one day I can use one of my skills/talent to finally get the chance that I’m longing for.”

Talampas also said, “And now I’m 39, finally! My dream and goal came true, my hard work and being persistent paid off. I made it! I Finally MADE IT!! Damn, I’m so proud of myself that I did not [stop] pursuing my dream. Thanks to all who believed in me, especially the ones who helped me [reach] it.”

In a report by GMA, Cheng revealed that Jordan rarely signs stuff and that a pair of signed shoes cost $15,000. But for Talampas, just being noticed was enough.

According to Talampas, the artwork took him 72 days to make.

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