LOOK: Mang Raju’s yogurt is a MUST-TRY in Sagada!

Traveling up north to have your own muni-muni time or to simply find solace up in the mountains won’t be complete without a treat to keep you company!

Although Sagada is also known for its yogurt, Adrel Articulo was delighted to have tried the ones being sold by Mang Raju Gotardo Jainani. He said that he sold “THE BEST yogurts for a living”!

“Rose, Mango, Coffee, and Mangosteen are some of his best flavors,” he said.

He shared how also wanted to help the humble seller, where he also shared his story.

While visiting Lake Danum in Sagada’s 16 degree weather, we stumbled upon a cheerful man in his 40’s selling probably the BEST yogurt I’ve tasted in my life. However, underneath the authenticity and sweetness of a fresh rose yogurt lies a heartwarming story who had the opportunity to make me cry after a long time.

He is an Indian whose life was tainted by evil acts of the Maute Group. He was a miner who made quite a fortune in Mindanao, but recently in 2015 the Maute Group killed all his men, his friends, and his only business. He and his family literally scurried to Sagada in hopes of a better life. He sells yogurt beside Lake Danum as his only source of income.

There were instances that he was about to go insane due to unfortunate events in his life. Luckily, his family kept him afloat amidst all the turmoil.

Articulo was touched by his story and sought Mang Raju as a ‘true family man’ for all the sacrifices he has done for his wife and children. He also said that he gave one yogurt for free, and was touched by his generosity.

He also shares his insights to WHEN IN MANILA.

“He says his experiences in life taught him to be more humble and hardworking and he would do everything for his family. His eldest son is about to start college. Mang Raju also has the ability to mass produce yogurt cups but he doesn’t have the right equipment.”

Articulo indicated in his post that if anyone is interested to help him out through orders or donations, you can transfer money to the following details:

Raju Gotardo Jainani
BPI Iligan city branch
Saving Account
9359 2589 49

Some netizens also agreed that the yogurt of Mang Raju was delectable!

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