LOOK: Kamikazee Is Coming Back On Tour!

They are back!

After being on hiatus from the music scene since 2015, Kamikazee is ready for a comeback. The OPM legend has been teasing their fans about their return for a few months now. And with a recent post on their social media, it has been made official.


The band posted a short teaser on their Instagram account with the caption: “KMKZ TAGPUAN TOUR 2018 #kmkz #kmkztagpuantour2018 #kmkztagpuan”.

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Fans are, of course, ecstatic to have Kamikazee back on-stage. Aside from this comeback tour, fans have new songs to watch out for from Kamikazee this coming December.

Kamikazee announced in 2015 that they will be “disbanding” and even held “last” concerts and gigs as a farewell to their fans. But I guess the love for music is just too strong for them to stay away.

As for the details of this comeback tour, we will just have to wait and see.

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