LOOK: Kamikazee Is Coming Back With a New Song!

Kamikazee is coming back!

After announcing their hiatus in 2015 through a Facebook video, and making it all official with a “last” bar gig and “last” concert, it seems that the Pinoy rock band is ready to get back in the local music scene.

They first gave fans a little teaser of their return a few weeks ago through a poster they posted on their Facebook page.

It didn’t say much, except for the word “Tagpuan” along with the date December 9, 2017 written below it.

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A couple of days ago, the band confirmed through a photo that they will be releasing a new song on December 9th!


There’s not much information about whatever’s happening on the ninth of December, but it’s enough to get fans pumped up! I know I am!

Kamikazee explained in 2015 that they decided on a hiatus for the band to try new things outside the music scene. It seems that after a couple of years, they are ready to return.

We are so ready for their return as well!

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