LOOK: Jessy Mendiola and Lucky Manzano’s Wedding Photos

On her YouTube channel, Jessy Mendiola shared her wedding video with Lucky Manzano yesterday. The newly wed’s SDE video captured their heartwarming vows and the tear-jerking moment as the bride walked down the aisle and the groom waits at the altar.

Jessy wrote in the description:

Hopefully, after watching the video, you’ll have huge smiles on your faces and only feel love because with everything that’s been happening in the world, that’s all we want, to share the love and spread some joy to everyone.

Watch Jessy Mendiola and Lucky Manzano’s wedding SDE below:

Today, Mrs. Manzano shares some photos of her intimate wedding with Lucky. In this Facebook post, netizens described Jessy’s wedding dress as “simple and elegant.”

Our beautiful bride @senorita_jessy ✨? #psbride #psofficielbridal

Dress @psofficiel
Styling @pattyyap
Makeup @iamantoniopapa
Shoes @_jeffersonsi
Bouquet @gideonhermosa
Photo @patdy11

Posted by Jessy Mendiola on Sunday, April 4, 2021


The details of the wedding, on the other hand, were featured in her most recent Instagram post. Event stylist Gideon Hermosa did not disappoint the couple with their short-notice request of a simple and clean mix of pink and red roses, just enough to add color to the greenery of The Farm at San Benito.

Hermosa took the bride’s breath away delivering a set-up that was beyond their expectations. The actress wrote in the caption:

We weren’t expecting anything grand or out of this world, and yet the set-up was more than what we expected. It was breathtaking. ?✨ We requested Gideon to keep it simple and clean, and he delivered. The mix of pink and red roses was enough to add color to the greenery of The Farm at San Benito. ?? We are ever so grateful to Gideon for coming up with a beautiful design on such short notice. He kept everything perfect down to the last detail. He even gave me [a] tissue to hide under my bouquet, to wipe my tears just in case I cry. ❤️ We love you @gideonhermosa ✨

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