LOOK: Jeepney driver watches LTO exam reviewer while driving

On Monday, July 23, according to a post on Reddit, a user posted a cropped picture of a jeepney driver with the caption: “My jeepney driver watching an LTO exam reviewer video on Youtube while driving. Wtf bro.”

In the photo below, you will see that the driver has his phone in front of him as he drives. The image on the phone is unclear but many other users have expressed their disappointment regarding the scenario in the comments section:

Some users share their own experiences like this user who witnessed their taxi driver watching Naruto while driving:

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It was only a few weeks back that theĀ DOTr Warns Drivers Not to Lambing and Drive, now we must be wary of who is driving us. Safety is not something to take lightly, especially when a public utility driver has the responsibility of carrying the lives of many civilians.

A user shared this similar concern to the safety of this Jeepney driver’s passengers:

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