LOOK: Japan is giving away millions of abandoned houses for free!

Ever wanted to live in Japan? I sure have. I love it there. Well maybe now’s your chance–Japan’s giving away abandoned houses for free!

These houses are called akiya and they’ve been left behind by their owners because of several reasons: Declining population, people moving to bigger cities, and in general more and more people are deciding that they prefer to live in a less remote area.

Many of these homes are in small towns or farmlands and are in some level of disrepair which requires a pretty good amount of renovation. So even if the houses are technically free or close to being free, there’s still some work you gotta put in to make them livable again. Some aren’t as bad as others, though, and people have already begun to take up offers to live there despite the disrepair.

If you find Japanese cities and apartments too cramped, this could be an option for you, besh. 😉 Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery? (Hopefully there won’t be any horror movie-esque twists, though!)

You can check out a lot of the abandoned houses in what people call akiya banks. One of which is here!

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