LOOK: “I’m Drunk I Love You” Director Shares Carson and Dio’s Inaudible Conversation At The End of The Film

It has been almost a year since our hearts were broken by the one-sided love story of Carson and Dio in I’m Drunk I Love You. With its relatable story (girl in love with her best friend who’s in love with someone else), the beautiful beaches of La Union as its setting, and songs from amazing artists as its soundtrack, it pretty much became the ultimate hugot film for many of us.

Since its wide success, the film’s director, JP Habac, has constantly been sharing a few secrets from the film’s screenplay, making us love I’m Drunk I Love You even more.

A few months ago, JP Habac shared an excerpt from the script where it was explicitly revealed that Dio never loved Carson more than a friend (despite speculations of Carson-Dio shippers, and that steamy kiss).

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And now, the film director shares a conversation between Carson and Dio that’s just right to welcome in the new year. Check out his tweet:

It seems that Carson has truly learned to move on in this ending scene from I’m Drunk I Love You.

In the film, we’re only shown the two of them having a conversation while each having a beer at one of the drinking spots in Maginhawa.

It is evident through Carson’s smiles that she has moved on.

But with the secrets of their inaudible dialogue now revealed, it shows that even after 7 years of unrequited love, it’s always possible to move on.

If Carson can, you can, too!

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