LOOK: An Excerpt of The “I’m Drunk I Love You” Screenplay Just Broke Our Hearts All Over Again

If you’ve seen the film I’m Drunk I Love You, you’ll know what I mean when I say it was heartbreaking. If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary: it’s about a girl who loves a boy who didn’t love her back.

I know, cliche. But there’s something about the film that made it break the hearts of anyone who has fallen in love with someone they can’t have. Maybe it was Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador’s amazing chemistry, or just purely the genius creativity of the film’s director, Direk JP Habac.

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We thought we were over the film, but Direk JP just couldn’t let us all be happy. In celebration of his birthday, he tweeted a short excerpt from the screenplay of the film. And it wasn’t just any excerpt–it was the part that broke everyone’s hearts.

Check it out:

It was here in this short excerpt that Direk JP answered the question on everybody’s minds: Did Dio ever love Carson?

The answer? No, he did not.

Fans of the film had mixed emotions at this revelation:




I, for one, will just focus on the genius minds that wrote this script. But man, that’s a sure-fire way to pick at a wound that hasn’t entirely healed yet.

Don’t mind us. We’ll just be here… tending to our broken hearts.

What did you think of that excerpt? What was your favorite heart-breaking part of the film? Share it with us!