LOOK: ‘How I Met Your Father’ Cast Introduced—Get to Know Them Here!

The spin-off of legen—wait for it—dary sitcom How I Met Your Mother is finally airing this January 2022, and fans of the parent sitcom are feeling all sorts of emotions. We’re all asking the same thing: Is How I Met Your Father going to be as good? Is it going to tie somewhere with the lives of the OG gang?

There’s not much we know yet, but here’s what we do: The characters forming our new favorite gang! The Facebook page of How I Met Your Mother recently shared the profiles of each so we could get to know all six of them better. Here they are:

Sophie, played by Hilary Duff

-An aspiring photographer
-On the search for true love|
-Lives in New York City with her best friend, Valentina

How I Met Your Father cast 1

Valentina, played by Francia Raisa

-Sophie’s ride or die
-Up-and-coming celebrity stylist
-Apparently “not great” at monogamy

How I Met Your Father cast 5

Jesse, played by Christopher Lowell

-Musician-slash-Uber driver
-Failed marriage, proposal went viral
-Lives with Sid, his BFF

How I Met Your Father cast 3

Ellen, played by Tien Tran

-Jesse’s sister
-Newly single and ready to mingle
-Former small-town girl

How I Met Your Father cast 2

Sid, played by Suraj Sharma

-Jesse’s roommate and BFF
-New bar owner
-In an LDR with his fiance

How I Met Your Father cast 4

Charlie, played by Tom Ainsley

-Former socialite in the UK
-British aristocrat
-Moved to NYC for Val

How I Met Your Father cast 6

Have not seen the trailer yet? Watch it here and tell us what you think!

How I Met Your Father premieres on January 18, 2022 on Hulu.


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