LOOK: Here’s Where You Can Get Baby Essentials During ECQ

Looking for quality products for your little one during ECQ? It can be a little difficult to find baby products at groceries since specialty shops are not open.

Luckily, Baby Moby is still available online for your baby essential needs.

I was searching high and low for giant cotton balls, gauze pads, and chlorine-free diapers, but those are not available at any of my neighborhood groceries so I tried my luck ordering online. I have been using Baby Moby’s Pure Water Wipes since I was pregnant and I love that it’s fragrance-free and alcohol-free so it’s gentle for my skin and to baby skin.

Since my baby is teething, it is very important to me that I get to clean her mouth clean. I was searching for gauze pads but they are unavailable to some pharmacies around me. Though some moms had suggested that I just use a wet cloth, I was hesitant since our laundry uses detergent and is dried out under the sun. Baby Moby Gauze pads are medically sterilized and are made of 100% cotton.

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Baby Moby Sterile Gauze pads are made from 100% cotton for disposable usage. Sterilized with high temperature to ensure cleanliness and safety, and packed in a special sterile pack in 2’s. Each gauze comes with folded sides to prevent any lints. Used to clean the inside of the mouth, gum, tongue, cheek pouches, and teeth. Safe to use with newborns and can be supplementary to brushing teeth – (example when you’re out and your baby already fell asleep and there’s no way to brush anymore). Here are tips on how to use: 1.) Pull out the gauze pad from the sterile pack 2-3.) Gauze when unfolded. 4.) Prepare a glass of clean water and dip the gauze pad. 5-6.) Wrap it around your finger. 7.) Clean your baby’s mouth Note: Gauze pads used to clean the tongue should not be reused with teeth or gum. Use a separate gauze pad to avoid infection. #100percentcotton #babysafe #babyessential #sterile #momessentials #dentalcare #babycare #dentistrecommended

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Moms are obsessed about cleaning everything so the Baby Moby giant cotton balls and dry wipes are perfect for cleaning your little one after diaper changes.

They also have jumbo pads which are also great for both diaper changes and for breastfeeding moms when cleaning up.

I’ve been looking for chlorine-free diapers at groceries but haven’t seen any product that suits our needs. Baby Moby recently introduced their diapers which are hypoallergenic. They are chlorine and fragrance-free which is gentle for your little one.

The diapers has 3D honeycomb liner is sof and breathable. Even the outside is super soft!

They also have a baby grooming kit so you can keep your little one nice and clean.

The Baby Moby Grooming Kit comes with a small bag to house the Gentle Care Soft Brush that’s made from 100% ultra-soft goat hair, Gentle Care Comb, Emery Boards to smooth tiny edges, Baby Nail Scissors with round edges for safety, Baby Nail Clipper and Silicone Finger Toothbrush with case. 

All Baby Moby Cotton products undergo a Japanese waterjet technology and are flourescence and glue-free so it’s safe for baby use.

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