LOOK: Here’s A Pet Planner Paw-fect For People With Pets

A person’s choice of planner reflects his/her personality.

While some may prefer minimalistic, handmade and whatnot, pet parents can finally rejoice because after years and years of not being able to track schedules easily, The Pet Planner is now available!


The Pet Planner is basically a custom-made planner for people with pets. Yup, you can now track your pet’s medication schedules, vet appointments, grooming trips and everything else pawrenting-related with ease.


Not only that, the planner also contains tips on how to keep your pets healthy, traveling with pets, and the like.




Plus, it has a directory of veterinarians in case of pet emergency.

What’s even better is that a portion of the proceeds will benefit the rescued dogs and cats of Save Animals of Love and Light – Save ALL and We Are Proud Guardians Of Aspins & Puspins(Deparo Second Chance Shelter). You won’t only get to plan and manage your schedules efficiently, you also get to help other animals in need.


You can purchase a planner through their Facebook page for only P400 + shipping fee.

Don’t have a pet? Well, I’m sure your friends with pets will be delighted to have one of these. *cough* Christmas gift! *cough*

Let’s start the year right with The Pet Planner!

Are you planning to buy one? Tell us in the comments.


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