Join the Chicken Patty Revolution at H.I.D. Burgers

Article by Hannika Santos / Photos by Eunick Nobe / Graphics by Charisse Timtiman

Whether it is a weekday or a weekend, people always have the time to discover food places to satisfy their hunger. Nowadays, though,, more and more people are becoming concerned about the things that they eat. How many calories does this drink have? Did I eat one too many of this dish?

A burger joint we went to offers… well, chicken as patties! An article last 2016 stated that a patty made out of chicken is leaner than those made in ground beef. Hence, its cholesterol level proved to be lower.

(Did you know that taking a hot bath can burn calories?)

The H.I.D. or Healthy Irresistibly Delicious burger place was inspired by the idea of being able to eat healthy without compromising taste; but really, regardless if you’re into eating healthy or you just love burgers and other dishes, this is the right place to be!

To start off our burger escapade in Rizal, lo and behold… THE burgers:

The H.I. D. BLT with raclette cheese (Php140 and up)

A superb choice for a signature burger, the H.I.D. BLT deserves the spot. The mere looks of it will surely get your appetite running. The vegetables are fresh and crunchy and the bacon combination is just pure lusciousness. This burger is actually so huge, it can be shared by 2 people!

Cheesebomb Deluxe (Php140 and up)

The second burger has cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, and cheese sauce all in one burger! It’s as if there’s a cheese party going on! This Cheesebomb Deluxe lives up to its name and although it has cheese on cheese on cheese, it isn’t too overpowering.

Bacon Mushroom Melt with Raclette cheese (Php140 and up)

Despite the threat of added calories, we couldn’t help but devour the Bacon Mushroom Melt burger. I mean, who would not want to try this burger? It has bacon, mushrooms, and a chicken patty topped with raclette cheese! Y U M.

Classic Potato Wedges (Php 135)

Not only does HID provide healthy, irresistible and delicious burgers; they also make some of the best potato wedges on earth. This dish is definitely one to order. The wedges are well complemented by the onion dip. We loved every bit of it!

Other non-burger dishes include:

Big Dogg BLT (Php130)

The Big Dogg BLT lives up to its name. It can be shared by 2 people and the BLT combination satisfies the taste. Who would’ve thought BLT can be incorporated into a hot dog?? Imagine, a hotdog, with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes all in one dish – this one is definitely worth coming back for!

Hungarian Slices with Raclette Cheese (Php150)

Two flame-grilled Hungarian Sausages sliced into bits. These babies are the B O M B. Dishes topped off with raclette cheese can never go wrong! It comes with 2 dips – ketchup and mayo – but a mix of both is highly recommended.

Classic Potato Wedges (Php145), 6 pcs Buffalo Wings (Php180), and half a dozen Chicken Nuggets (Php90)

If you’re into really spicy food, these Buffalo Wings can help you with your cravings. (You can opt for Mild or Spicy, though). For the Chicken Nuggets, you can choose from a garlic dip or BBQ sauce, both of which complement the dish well. And who could forget the potato wedges? These dishes satisfied our tastebuds in no time.

The Honey Sriracha Chicken (Php180 for 6 pcs / Php320 for 12 pcs)

A combination of sweet and spicy, the Honey Sriracha chicken will forever be engraved in our stomachs. You can tell you want it just by looking at it. We really loved the dish – worth coming back for, as well.

Insider Tip: You can add raclette cheese on any burger, fries or hot dog dish for an additional 40 pesos!

H.I.D. is proud that all of their food comes from a commissary, ensuring the quality of the food that you eat. The staff is very accommodating, too, which is always a bonus when it comes to a food experience.

So, if you’re into eating healthy with (or without) your barkada or family, chicken patties are one way to start. Or if you’re really just game for another discovery, go to H.I.D., try out their food and indulge in their gourmet flame-grilled burgers!

H.I.D. Burgers

Cainta – Angono – Makati – Antipolo – Marcos Highway


Instagram: @hidburgers


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