LOOK: Former Encantadia actresses reunite!

They will always be ‘royals’.

Recently actress Iza Calzado posted a photo of her, along with fellow former Encantadia actresses Diana Zubiri – Smith, Karylle Tatlonghari – Yuzon and Sunshine Dizon, huddled together with all smiles. They played Sang’re Danaya, Sang’re Pirena, Sang’re Alena and Sang’re Amihan, respectively. The photo was uploaded in the actress’ Facebook page and has received positive feedback from Encantadia fans.

Encantadia Reunion

She captions:

soul sisters forever, sanggres forever????
(Diana, Karylle, Sunshine, Iza)
#Encantadia #Encantadia2005

‘Sang’gres, a collective term for Sang’gre, refers to “a diwata (fairy) of royal blood, and who as such possesses special powers and destinies above those of a common Diwata,” according to the official Wikia page of Encantadia.

‘Encantadia” is a Filipino “fantaserye” (fantasy television series) that first aired in 2005. The requel was premiered just last year and is currently being aired on GMA7.

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