LOOK: Experience Amsterdam in Asia in this Park with 200,000 Tulips

If you’ve ever been interested in seeing the tulip fields of Amsterdam, consider a much less taxing trip to Japan.

It’s nearer, cheaper, and simpler to enter. Their own tulip garden with 200,000 tulips of over 150 varieties isn’t just another cheap alternative, either. 

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tulip festival 1

Photo from mothership.sg

Apparently, Japan’s Heavenly Tulip Festival takes place every year. This 2019, it spans from April 20 to May 26. One of its attractions is the sizeable spectacle of its tulips fields. Set against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji, these blooms might be even more aesthetic than their European counterpart. 

tulip festival 2

Photo from mothership.sg

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The fields can be found at Grinpa, an amusement park stationed at the precincts of Mt. Fuji. This is allegedly why the festival is called ‘heavenly’, as it is situated about 1200 meters about sea level. Though there is an entrance fee (1300 yen for adults, 850 yen for children) it gives access to the entire amusement park and the tulip fields are really more of a mini-village than a simple garden. 

tulip festival 3

Photo from mothership.sg

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And the best part? It is supposedly pet-friendly which means there’s a good chance you’ll see some dogs roaming around. There are even designated spots for pets to be let off their leash and just bask in the flowers. While you may not be able to bring your own pet on your trip, at least you can make new furry friends! 

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