LOOK: Disney’s live action Aladdin just released its first photos

When I first heard the news of another live-action Disney remake I wasn’t particularly excited, to be honest. There was a big risk of it just being a bland redo. Then the first teaser was released and I thought, well this one has some tricks up its sleeves for us.

I was pulled in by the reimagination of the magical score along with fantastic visuals. In Entertainment Weekly’s first-week photos of the production, we see that there’s so much more to it than that.

First of all, Genie is no longer blue. The change is a bit surprising, but I can’t wait to see Will Smith take on the mantle of the iconic character.


Then we have Jafar, who’s looking more menacing than he ever did in the animated film. I think I can finally buy him as a competent villain.


We can’t forget Abu, who manages to look cute as a CGI animal.

There are also snaps of Aladdin and Jasmine strolling around the marketplace. In contrast to that is a still of them running from the palace guards. This would be the pivotal scene in the original that finds them fleeing the guards and inadvertently bonding.


Some new information that we get as well is that in this rendition, Jasmine is actually considered as her own character. According to EW: “In this live-action iteration, Jasmine’s arc will see her seeking power in order to protect her people and become a leader. ”


Did anything in the photos surprise you? Let us know in the comments!