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You don’t have to be a writer to need inspiration. You could be an artist or just about anybody who uses creativity to produce something. You could even be a typical guy who needs an extra dose of inspiration to get through your finals.

Whatever or whoever you are, I know just the place to go: Macau Imperial Tea at Unimart Capitol Commons. I know what you’re thinking. What makes this one so special? I mean, there are practically dozens of beverage shops in the Metro, right? Read on.

It’s a place for artists.

Macao Imperial Tea Unimart 25

Want to hear a Macao Imperial Tea secret? Each branch actually has different interiors. Well, according to the owner, the one at Unimart Capitol Commons is meant to be a place for artists.

Macao Imperial Tea Unimart 10

Just wait until you see it. There are books on the shelves that you can borrow. If it’s an idea you’re after or if you just want to have a good time, those books can start you off pretty nicely.

If you’re a writer or an artist trying to come up with something fun, you can get that vibe from the Funko Pops used as decorations in the shop, among other things. The place is also surrounded by green plants, which can help keep those creative juices flowing.

They serve all sorts of drinks.

Macao Imperial Tea Unimart 33

People know Macao Imperial Tea as a tea place (because of the name, of course), but it’s actually more than just that. It’s also a coffee shop, but it also serves different kinds of soda. Even their coffee and milk tea have pretty diverse flavors. Trust me: you won’t run out of drinks to choose from in this part of the alley.

What do drinks have to do with inspiration? For some, it’s easy to just come up with ideas and get inspired. For most, however, we need a good sip of coffee to prep our minds for intense thinking.

It doesn’t have to be coffee, though. Macao Imperial Tea respects your preference. There’s nothing wrong with being a coffee person (I confess to being one myself); but at Macao Imperial Tea, feel free to be a soda person, a tea person, or even a milkshake person.

Macao Imperial Tea Unimart 8

The place is easily accessible.

If it’s going to take you hours to go somewhere, then it’s really not worth any amount of inspiration (not unless you’re J.K Rowling who’s working on a novel bound to sell millions). Luckily, Capitol Commons is an easy place to go to. I mean, there might be lots of Macao Imperial Tea places in the Metro, but you won’t find another place quite as accessible as this one.

We know how hard it is for commuters to go to and from places without a car. Well, you won’t have that problem here. The shop is just an MRT and jeepney ride away.

For car users, don’t worry. Just go through the C5 route and we promise you a smooth trip to Macao Imperial Tea Unimart Capitol Commons Branch.

You can get free tumblers.

Macao Imperial Tea Unimart 38

They have really cute containers and the best part about ordering a drink at this place is that you get to keep them. Not all of the drinks come with one, but you just have to ask their staff which beverages come with these cuties.

Priced at no more than Php195, that’s not so bad. I say you get more than what you pay for: the artistic and clean surroundings, the delicious beverages, and the cute tumbler.

They have free WiFi.

You can stay here and look for inspiration for as long as you want. There’s a perfectly stable internet connection to keep you busy.

Besides, what’s the point of getting inspiration if you’re just going to lose it again? Don’t let it get away. Get to work the moment you get that spark of creativity. You know you most certainly can because of the fast connection.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to get inspired?

Macao Imperial Tea

Unimart, Capitol Commons, Pasig

9AM to 10:30PM