LOOK: Change Has Definitely Come to Divisoria

Word on the street that change has come to Divisoria has been circulating around social media lately, wherein street vendors were said to be cleaning up the place to support the new administration.

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Well, more people have been sending us their pictures and stories of their recent experiences in Divisoria, one of which is Charles Gaisano, who goes to Divisoria everyday to sell undershirts and underwear.
Charles shares that it is very hard for him to deliver his stocks into the 168 mall since the road is very narrow. (The photo below was taken sometime earlier this year.)
Old Divisoria 4
Charles said that there is even one time that it is so narrow that a car in front of him hit a foot of a pedestrian and the woman got very angry because she got hurt. “Today is different, though,” says Charles.
“It is like a very clean Divisoria and I was shocked! I thought I was in a different country like Singapore. I feel like I want to thank the one who did this and give him or her a Goldilocks cake as a sign of gratitude. So, thank you whoever cleaned the Divisoria road!” Check out what Divisoria looks like now:
New Divisoria
This new Divisoria picture was taken on July 21, 2016 at around 12pm.
Reyn Lozano feels the same way.


Divisoria 1Photo by Reyn Lozano.

When Reyn passed by Divisoria on July 20, he thought he made a wrong turn somewhere. “Nakita ko eh iba as in iba talaga sa paningin ko, then pag labas ko walang tindahan sa kalsada – wala mga orange stall, walang nagtitinda ng mga prutas, as in wala pati sa may isle mismo na kung saan maraming orange stall na si ninong Erap nagpalagay,” he shares. “And then sabi ko: ‘ay, grabe, total cleanup drive ang nangyari dito!

Reyn says it is so clean, you can see the whole street and even jeeps can pass by now. “Hopefully, sana laging ganito,” he says, “na hindi na tulad dati na divicrowded as in na para kayong sardines. Sana talaga kahit sa Divisoria eh may forever – forever na ganito kaluwag at ka-aliwalas. Sana maki-cooperate mga tao at mga dadayo sa Divisoria na mapanatiling malinis para ang tunay na pagbabago ay nasa tao.

We completely agree. To everyone who was a part of this change, thank you from everyone who frequents Divisoria; and to everyone who goes there from now on, may we ensure that it stays the way it is!