Divisoria Street Cleanup: Is This the Change That’s Coming?

Let us grace your news feed with some good news!

Living by Duterte’s election slogan “change is coming,” street vendors along Divisoria are working hand in hand to clean up the place as their way of showing support to the new administration.

Whether it’s because “change is here” or the street vendors are just simply awesome for having this initiative, it’s great to have this progress.

Check out the photos taken by Ed Del Rosario Esteves:

clean recto

Esteves noted that this is the power of change.

In fact, similar photos had been taken by Peter Vient Villaluz Cipriano, showing the streets of Baclaran also cleaner than ever before. The Baclaran photos were posted with the hashtag #DisiplinaDuterte.

What significant changes have you seen lately? Tell us about it!