Erap Makes Divisoria Vendors Point To City Hall Employee Taking “Kotong”


Photo shows the vendors from Divisoria who are pointing at Frederick See who is an employee of the Manila City Hall. He apparently was caught receiving “kotong” (a form of bribery). On the Mayor’s page he reported that he does not tolerate graft and corruption ESPECIALLY amongst city employees.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.17.57 PM

Netizens thanked the Mayor and showed their support.

They are certain he is not alone. They hoped to get rid of people like this who are in office.

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We all know that “Kotong” is rampant in our everyday lives in the Philippines and it has to stop.

What are the ways we can prevent Kotong? Some say we need to increase wages and some say its is merely a moral issue one should be taught from childhood, society or brought by culture.

What do you think?