LOOK: Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses as The Plastics in ‘Mean Girls’

Artist Andhika Muksin does it again.

We’ve written about the Indonesia-based artist’s previous work on a series of photo composites that places Disney Princesses and Princes in the likeness of modern day celebrities and millennials. Red carpet glam, paparazzi couple shots, hell, even jamming in Coachella.

LOOK: What if Disney Princes and Princesses were Millennials?

The series was a complete success, with it going viral on the internet and getting featured in various websites. Now, the young artist continues the trend, this time placing Disney characters in another cult classic the whole world is quite proudly obsessed withMean Girls.

Think about it. In their own right, The Plastics are royalty, after all. So what if they were modern day royalties in high school? This is probably what it would look like.

Check out Andhika’s Disney x Mean Girls composites below:

A post shared by Andhika Muksin (@andhikamuksin) on

A post shared by Andhika Muksin (@andhikamuksin) on

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For more of Andhika Muksin’s work, head on over to his Instagram @andhikamuksin

What do you think of this photo series? Love it or hate it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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