LOOK: Anne Curtis Throws a 90s Grunge Party and Our Nostalgic Hearts are Screaming!

Words by Rianna Bernabe
Photos by Trisha Diaz de Rivera and Rianna Bernabe

There’s nothing quite like the 90s era, to the point that people who do not even belong to that generation still bob their heads to the effervescent beats of its timeless jams. Just look around and you’ll see midriff tops, chokers, and mom jeans in almost every corner. There’s no wondering why a 90s themed party would get us all excited, and who else could throw it better than an epitome of that decade?

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I’m a 90’s kid!

Anne Curtis, founder and creative director of BLK, told us during an interview at the first anniversary party of her make-up line.

blk party 1


Anne totally nailed the 90s grunge as entering the party felt like a time tunnel, taking us back to best of all things 90s–from the neon lights to the retro arcade games, as well as the silent disco and vintage movie posters on the second floor!

blk party 2

The vibrant ball pit had us begging to jump in!

blk party 3

And of course, the photo-ops wouldn’t be complete without a lollipop on hand.

I’m paying tribute to what I loved back then, because why not?

Anne dedicates BLK’s first anniversary bash to the era that she loves, reminiscing a decade that never fails to inspire her when conceptualizing ideas for the brand. When asked what her go-to product is from this new collection, she said

Lipstick, because sometimes, they only give me 5 minutes to get ready, like in Showtime, and it’s the easiest to put on. Also eye shadow!

blk party 4

Brick lipsticks, chokers, and mood rings!

Those are Anne’s favorite items from the 90’s. It’s pretty clear that she is a total sucker for the classy aesthetic of her childhood days, and it makes perfect sense to launch an anniversary collection that would hit close to home, encapsulating her 6 years of hard work on the brand.

blk party 5

With that said, Anne shares some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Really think about it. Of course it takes patience and dedication, it’s not going to happen overnight. But if you really want to do it, go for it!

Make sure to check out the BLK Cosmetics 90’s collection, now available in Shopee!