LOOK: Alex Gonzaga Gives Advice to ‘Forever Third Wheels’

“Para sa lahat ito ng Single at nagsasawa na mag-antay ng jowa,” Alex Gonzaga announced on her Instagram post when she imparted a message of hope for all those who, like her, used to be a “forever third wheel.”

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She shared that she spent her entire 20s as the only single person in her family and group of friends. And when her older sister, Toni Gonzaga, got married, she had to deal with relatives asking her when it was going to be her turn.

“Gusto ko sagutin TEKA lang naman wala pa nga tumagal na jowa!” she said. “At sa tagal kong hinintay kung kailan matatapos ang pagiging third wheel ko dahil sawa na rin ako mainggit at sagutin ang tanong na ‘Wala ka parin boyfriend!?'”

But she believes that patiently waiting for The One to come will always pay off. In fact, it paid off for her! “Finally dumating din!” she gushed, referring to her current boyfriend Mikee Morada.

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The couple officially got together in January 2017 after a 7-month courting period.

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