LOOK: 5 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts With Really Beautiful Photos

Ahhh, Instagram – that one social media account that lets us all have a taste of how it feels like to become an artist through feed curation, photography, and writing.

With the countless photos and thousands of users out there, here are five Instagram accounts that we highly recommend for you to follow in case you’re looking for some inspiration or simply want to immerse yourself in beautiful photos.

Nope, we won’t enumerate accounts of popular bloggers and influencers. These five are regular people, just like you and me, except the fact that they are really artistic, creative, and their Instagram feeds scream #goals.

Chauu Morales

Theme: Pastel hues, doodles, and inanimate objects

Must-follow Instagram 1

A post shared by c h a u u ???? (@chauuisokay) on Ephraim Gestupa

Ephraim Gestupa

Theme: Faces and places

Must-follow Instagram 5

A post shared by Epep Gestupa (@edjies) on

A post shared by Epep Gestupa (@edjies) on

Ronie Rentutar

Theme: Everyday scenes, buildings, and travels

Must-follow Instagram 4

A post shared by Ronie Rentutar (@ronrentutar) on

Kezia Guerrero

Theme: Seas, mountains, and coconut trees

Must-follow Instagram 3

Lexter Nano

Theme: Places, moments, and portraits

Must-follow Instagram 2

A post shared by LEXTER NANO (@lextrous) on

A post shared by LEXTER NANO (@lextrous) on

Which Instagram feed did you love most? Tell us in the comments!


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