LOOK: 5 Creative Passion Projects by Millennials

If there’s one thing millennials are good at, it would be pursuing their passions against all odds.

Aside from having full-time day jobs on their chosen careers, they also venture on passion projects based on their interests, skills, and hobbies. They believe that excelling in the professional field doesn’t mean that you have to set your dreams aside.

These Generation Y kids know how to manage their time, utilize their resources, and work twice as hard to achieve an average millennial’s goal in life – do what he/she loves doing while earning from it.

Here are five (5) creative passion projects started by millennials who know what they want and do the necessary actions to have it.

5. Pawtography PH

Pawtography PH started out of the love for pets and a childhood dream of becoming an animal photographer. At first, Yza Tolentino was only taking photos of stray cats along the streets, until she decided to invest on a camera and start her own pet photography page.

At present, Yza gets booked on weekends for personal pet photo shoots and pet photography for pet brands. She also conducts pet photography workshops every now and then.

4. Écrire

Écrire is Da Dominguez’ passion project where she channels her creativity through calligraphy. Her first break in this venture was doing wall-sized hand-lettering for an all-day breakfast restaurant in Quezon City.

She plans on expanding her project soon by selling items with her calligraphy on them..

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3. Blacksmith.ph

Blacksmith.ph, Ep Gestupa’s brainchild, offers curated visuals for contemporary spaces. To simply put, these are collections of artistic photographs printed and held in minimalistic black and white frames.

Some of his visuals are currently up at an art cafe in Maginhawa. You may also check out his framed photographs on Blacksmith.ph’s Facebook page.

2. Photographed

Photographed is Ed Enclona’s personal editorial page which serves as his online portfolio for fashion photography. Aside from taking photos, he also does the styling for his shoots and even sew clothes for his models. His personal style is mixing art with photography because for him, fashion photography is not just about the clothes. He hopes to work with both national and international magazines in the future.

His most recent project was in collaboration with a local footwear brand for their product launch.

1. Fruisé

Allen Ante took her fruit delivery project, Fruisé, into a whole new level. It is now her full-time business. Allen delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to her client’s doorsteps, making healthy living convenient for everyone, even for those who live in urban communities.

Fruisé currently offers its delivery services in Eastwood with plans of expanding on neighbor cities soon.

All these passion projects are funded with love, skills and a lot of hard work. We hope we can all support these millennials as they go out there to pursue their passions and follow their hearts’ desire.

Do you also know other awesome passion projects?