LOL: These cute grandmas tried to comply with the ‘passport size’ photo requirement!

While we rely on our elders for wisdom, we also look up to them for wit!

Josh Cowper Esguerra found his grandmothers adorable when they tried to comply with the ‘passport size’ photo requirement. They took it quite literally, and Esguerra could not help but share his amusement.

Shared in another tweet, another ‘passport size’ photo is placed right beside the Philippine passport, this time, along with his lola’s sister!

“Just to be clear, they also gave me the right size passport pic and the 2×2,” Esguerra tells WHEN IN MANILA. “They just provided the ‘passport size’ pic, I guess.

I called my lola and I tried to explain to her what she needs because I kinda felt that she would be giving me the wrong size for the required photo. So I explained it to her. “Lola, tawag doon ay passport size picture, hindi po kasing laki ng passport,” I said. I think I made it pretty clear with them. She then gave the phone to our housemaid and I tried to explain to her to accompany both my lolas to the mall for them to take a pic.

Then they gave the photos to my dad, but my dad didn’t check it and just gave it to my mom. Then the other night, when I was looking for it,  my mom gave the photos to me. And as soon as I touched the package, I knew something was off. To my surprise, I wasn’t wrong. Hahahaha!

Esguerra recalls everyone in the household laughing about it.

“Everyone was laughing, thinking it would be a “typical ‘lola'” move!”

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