18 Filipino Beauty and Skincare Bloggers You Need To Be Following

12. Sarah Dacara (@sarahthecara)

sarahthecara beauty influencer

Sarah admits that she used to be plagued with dull and dry skin and was so desperate to have dewy and healthy skin. Which is exactly what led to the beginning of her blogging in 2018. She wanted to share her skincare routine, talk about the products which did or didn’t work for her, and hopefully help others in their own skincare journey. 

And her blog isn’t just about honest reviews on products, it’s also where she shares some of her artworks and infographics as a graphic designer.

11. Krisha Gaffud (@kreesyah)


Krisha may have been doing her makeup ever since high school but only pursued it as a hobby in 2017. That was when she began treating it as self-therapy. An artist by profession, Krisha sees makeup similar to painting except that the canvas is her face. This gave her a way to do what she loved while still taking a break from it.

Sharing it all on her blog is her way to help people feel good about themselves. She hopes that her blog might send the message for people to never give up, seek solutions, and see the beauty that is life itself.

10. Blooey S. (@camelliaskinensis)

blooey beauty influencer

Blooey began her blog dedicated to skincare in 2018, though she’s had blogging experience for much longer before that. She says she used to be a “basic cleanse-tone-moisturize kinda girl” until she fell down the rabbit hole of skincare and ended up with a skincare microblog.

Camelliaskinensis is dedicated to skincare and tea, hence the name. She chronicles her adventures in skincare and tea and does a lot of reviews, texture shots, skincare challenges, routine rundowns and the like. There are some hair care and makeup reviews too. And she promises to test out products extensively before writing reviews.

9. Martin Andrade (@martinjohnandrade)

martin andrade beauty influencer

It’s been nearly 3 years since Martin entered the world of beauty vlogging in 2017. At the time, male makeup vloggers were only starting to blow up and makeup had always been a source of confidence for Martin so he thought: why not?

If you’re looking for a channel that reviews makeup, skincare and does a little bit of lifestyle vlogging then you’ve found your answer. People may not know this yet about him, but Martin also dances and has been running a blog since 2013! You can check it out at www.martinjohnandrade.com.

8. Cai (@glowbycai)

glowbycai beauty influencer

Cai has been into skincare since her college days but got serious about it around 2 years ago. As someone in her mid-30’s, Cai is particularly interested in anything anti-aging which also sums up her IG: 35 and on a skincare journey! She also tends to focus on Asian brands because they’re more affordable and they really work!

7. Nikki Paderna (@girlbehind_glasses) 

girl behind the glasses

(FB: /girlbehindglasses SITE: girlbehindglasses.wordpress.com/)

Nikki has been blogging since 2014 when she recognized it as an avenue to discuss makeup and skincare products at the level and depth she wanted to. She had no one to personally talk with about their textures, consistencies, overall performances, dupes, and prices — so that’s where the online beauty community came in. Eventually, beauty blogging became an escape and stress-reliever for her. 

Now, Girl Behind the Glasses is run as a blog for product reviews, mostly skincare and some bits of makeup. Nikki mostly features Korean brands but is open to any brands. The reason she isn’t a full-time blogger is because she is actually a board-certified and practicing dermatologist!

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