18 Filipino Beauty and Skincare Bloggers You Need To Be Following

When it comes to makeup and skincare, I am Jon Snow: I know nothing. There is so much to know and explore on the topic of beauty and that’s exactly what makes it fascinating. Watching makeup tutorials and reading product reviews can honestly take over your life — and give you better skin at the same time!

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So check out these 18 bloggers if you need a beauty guru in your life to guide your skincare journey:

18. Poleane Carmen (@heypoleane)

poleane beauty influencer

Poleane describes herself as a beauty-obsessed licensed Pilot and entrepreneur. While she’s always been into beauty and skincare, her blog is only about a year old. It started as a way for her to share her journey with skincare, including routines, product reviews and anything about beauty. Her blog is mainly a beauty and skincare diary with snippets on lifestyle and travel too! 

17. Audrey Rose (@__vanityrose)


Audrey Rose has been interested in beauty since she was young but dove more into skincare about 7 years ago. It was a simple thing like noticing blackheads on her nose and becoming motivated to research and read up more on chemical exfoliation and skincare in general. All that has led to a beauty IG run by a mom who loves to do skincare! She especially enjoys sharing skincare and photography tips to make them more fun, than a chore. 

16. JL (@guy.skin) 

jl crespo guy skin

JL’s interest in beauty and skincare began 3 years, but his account started as part of a 2018 New Year’s resolution. He wanted to put out and share his passion for something close to his heart. Now, he aims to show people that skincare — or beauty in general — knows no gender. In such a female-driven community, he strives to add more male representation to it. 

He also shares that if you’re into skincare, beauty, candles, and perfumes go to @guy.skin, but you can check out @xjlcrespo to see some of his work as a freelance fashion stylist.

15. Christine Laviña (@projectskincare)

project skincare beauty influencer

A makeup artist by profession, Christine began obsessing over skincare around 3 years ago. As someone whose makeup aesthetic focuses more on natural beauty, she realized the significance of the saying “skincare first, makeup second”. She says: “Good skin really is the best canvas for makeup.”

In line with this, Christine created @projectskincare back in 2016 to find people to connect with and talk about skincare and learn more about the steps and products. It has become a visual diary of her routines and products that work (or don’t) for her.

14. Momo (@yourporeguy)

yourporeguy beauty influencer

Momo shares that he grew up seeing his mother put toner and moisturizer every night and that particular memory inspired him to take care of himself in the same way. As someone with acne-prone skin, skincare is highly important to him and promises no filter or edits are made to his reviews. Momo prioritizes raw reviews on his IG because he understands that people look to his account for guidance, just like he did with others a few years ago. 

13. Krix Merabuena (@_glamdiary)

glamdiary beauty influencer

Krix has had an affinity for beauty ever since high school — it was fascinating for her to see it enhance appearances and boost someone’s confidence. She considered it art and used it to express herself. Then, when she began working from home she realized she had been neglecting her skin and that triggered her skincare journey. 

After immersing herself in a different side of beauty, she now shares what she knows about skincare on her Instagram. Krix posts routines, “skinfographics” and (as much as possible) concise product reviews. It’s basically a beauty and skincare diary and mood board.

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