Live-Action Mulan Updates: Mushu Isn’t a Dragon Anymore? There Will Be Music?

It feels like we’ve been talking about the live-action Mulan film for years now. After Disney released the first look image of Liu Yifei as Mulan last year, noise around it seemed to die down. Until now, that is. It seems like Disney is making more changes to the live-action film, starting with Mushu not being a red pocket-sized dragon.

According to a report from The DisInsider, Mulan 2020 has replaced Mushu with a phoenix. The report did not clarify if the phoenix holds a similar role as Mulan’s sidekick-slash-friendly advisor though.

Mushu turning into (essentially) a bird isn’t the only change. After revealing that Mulan 2020 won’t have music, sources told The DisInsider that the music is back. Kind of. The cast members are still not singing. The music will come in the form of instrumental music which basically means they’ll be part of the score. I guess we’ll just have to sing along under our breaths when the movie premieres in March 2020.

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