Listen up, Swifties! Taylor Swift Announces 1989 Concert Dates in Asian Countries

Remember how it felt like last year, when Taylor Swift announced the schedule for her Red Tour? With all the speculation and the rumors going on, many were unsure what to believe–until we heard the good news straight from Taylor in a video (where she mentioned Manila first, BTW!


Taylor has previously announced taking her 1989 tour to Manchester, London, Dublin, Ottawa, Montreal, Washington, Chicago, Vancouver, Seattle, and many other venues that are incredibly far from the Philippines.

But just today, Taylor announced that 1989 concert venues that are closer to home–Shanghai and Singapore! Tickets are on sale on June 30, 10 am.

We are feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. Last year, she announced her concert in the Philippines in the same video when she announced her tour in Singapore. Now, she’s already released details on her Singapore tour–yet there was no mention of the Philippines!

Would she even take her 1989 concert to the Philippines? Or is this announcement a foreshadowing that she will make an announcement about a concert in the Philippines soon? One thing’s for sure. Pinoy Swifties should keep an eye out for her announcement because tickets for her concert are sold out within hours or even minutes! More importantly, her concert for Shanghai and Singapore were announced only today but they go on sale on June 30–giving Singaporean and Shanghai Swifties only a few days to save up!

So, Pinoy Swifties, we may not know if or when Taylor would take her 1989 concert here. But best to save up and keep an eye out for an announcement we are hoping would come REALLY soon.

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