Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant: A Charming Find Near Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a food mecca. What else can you do there but savour the sights, the weather and the food! It will never grow old on us since its the closest “cool” escape away from the city and there’s always something new to find there. And in its neighboring towns like in Alfonso, Cavite! In my quest for the quaint and quiet, I’ve come across Lime & Basil which has emerged as one of the top restaurants in the Tagaytay area. It’s also one of the destinations if you want to eat like a true Tagaytay local.

Let’s go in and see why.  Stepping into a charming restaurant means your senses are soaked in the details. Once you go inside, the elements of Thailand will greet you and set you up for a great dining experience. This is the time you order on the menu, savour the ambiance and have great conversations with your family or friends while waiting for the food.



Go around the area and into the garden in the back where they grow their own herbs like basil, kaffir and other edible flowers.


As you go back to your seat, when your food is ready, that’s when the fun begins.



The Yam Som O is a great refreshing starter with pomelo, fried shrimps, chicken, thai herbs and dressing (Php 310).


The Fresh Spring Rolls (Php 240) are always a mainstay, and are pretty enough to look at before you take a delicious bite into it. It’s made up of rolled herbs, carrots, cabbage, tofu, noodles and sweet chili relish.


The Kao Pad Saparod (Php 320) is pineapple fried rice that has pork floss and chiang mai sausage. The presentation of these two dishes is enough to keep you happy till the main course.


Feast your eyes and palates on Crispy Pata with Red Curry Sauce! It’s called Kaeng Deng Kha Mao (Php 750). Good twist to what we have locally gotten used to. Crispy pata will always be awesome.


The Kaprao Nua (Php 360) is stir fried beef with holy basil. When you talk about Thai, you usually associate it with Thai basil. But this dish is mixed with holy basil which give it a minty sweet taste that enhances the flavours–pretty refreshing for a beef dish.


An all time favorite is the Pad Thai (Php 350) which tastes so authentic, you would think you really are in Thailand.


Top everything off with Kaffir-Lime Creme Brulee’ with Yellow Mango (Php 200) and you’ve just got unlocked for yourself a very satisfying meal.


As you explore the restaurant some more, you will find a shelf with some great local food finds you can take home. When chef owners Sigrid Sarmiento-Sayos & husband Orvin Sayos taste something good, they want to share it! So they gathered and curated a shelf of goodies made by loving hands. Some are discovered by travels and some are baked/harvested/cooked by friends.


Also from the owner’s various finds is Laura’s Yard which showcases different kitchen products that you can have custom-engraved too. Talk about pinterest and instagram ready.


So there you have it, delectable Thai food and a charming experience in your next Tagaytay adventure. Lime and Basil is also open to intimate events such as weddings and other small celebrations.



9014 J. Rizal Street, Barangay Sicat, Alfonso, Tagaytay City
Facebook : limeandbasiltagaytay
Instagram : limeandbasil_tagaytay


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