Lifehouse Manila: Mushy Rock Anthems are Sweeter the Second Time Around


Lifehouse Manila Live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on May 26, 2012.


Admit it: In 2005, some of you guys picked up your guitar, strummed the simple chords, and sang “You and Me” to your lover (or lover-to-be or not-to-be). I did. I’m a romantic.


When In Manila, Jason, Rick, Bryce, and Ben are coming back after four years for Lifehouse Manila 2012. I don’t know if it’s Jason Wade‘s husky, drowning voice, or the teary-eyed lyrics, or the soft instrumentation that climaxes at the bridge which made “You and Me” a perennial favorite among suitors, the courted, lovers, and romantics (hopeful and hopeless alike). When it comes to writing songs about relationships (be it with a special someone or Someone – most evident in their single “Everything”) and transforming them into a form that is easy to digest for everyone, Lifehouse is the master of their craft.


Lifehouse Manila


The band’s mammoth first single “Hanging by a Moment” was the Billboard Hot 100 most played song of 2001. Along with “Sick Cycle Carousel” and “Breathing”, their first album “No Name Face” reached double platinum in the US with 2.3 million copies sold. The band continued to remain relevant in 2005 with “You and Me” from their self-titled album and in 2007’s “First Time” from “Who We Are”. Their most recent album “Smoke and Mirrors” debuted #6 on the Billboard 200 and includes the singles “From Where You Are” and “Halfway Gone”.


When In Manila, Jason Wade and Lifehouse Manila will pluck your heartstrings once more as they play the Smart Araneta Coliseum this May 26, 2012


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Lifehouse Manila: Mushy Rock Anthems are Sweeter the Second Time Around