Life In Music: A Benefit Gig for Grace To Be Born

Life In Music: A Benefit Gig for Grace To Be BornLifeInMusic


Life in Music is a gig for a cause that started out as a little birthday project of a medical student. Having her own foundation for the underprivileged children who are suffering from rare diseases has been one of her ultimate dreams.

But since she cannot afford to have one yet, she decided to help in already established organizations but who is still in need of assistance. With her love for music, though not a musician, combined with her desire to be an instrument in spreading unconditional love in our planet, a benefit gig is a perfect avenue for her to raise a fair amount to donate to her chosen charity on her birthday, which is Grace to be Born.

Grace to be Born is more of a maternity home and nursery which serves as a temporary shelter for the unwed mothers, rape victims, victims of incest, and the likes, who, instead of aborting their babies, decided to give them a chance to live and to be loved, and an orphanage for the babies who were born or even left there. They do not ask anything from the mothers who want to stay there until they give birth nor question their social standing for them to be accepted and taken care of.

Having this option for mothers who are experiencing this kind of crisis, Grace to be Born aims to fight off the increasing number of abortions here in the Philippines and to give the abandoned infants a nurturing home and a loving family to grow with.

To sum it up, this is going to be a night wherein we will celebrate the beauty of life through the awesome music of the guest bands, Ebe Dancel, Farewell Fair Weather, Jensen and the Flips, Cheats, Autotelic, Fiona, Salma, Triggered Finale, and Midnight.

We will also give away goodies from Barista Choi, @ONLINE_STUFF_PH (Instagram), and Lyric.

So if you want to help out while having fun or if you are just looking for a place to hang out, come and join us on May 29, 2014, Thursday, 7PM at Route196, Katipunan Extension.

Life In Music: A Benefit Gig for Grace To Be Born