LIFE HACK: Here’s How You Can Save More Than 50,000 Pesos In 8 Months With Recyclable Bottles!

Saving money has always been a challenge for me–and even for most of us, I’m sure. When pay day comes, it’s just so easy to go out with friends, buy the cutest shoes, or indulge in an expensive meal. By the end of the month, we find ourselves scratching our heads wondering where all that money went.

Well, here’s an ingenious life hack that can help all of us start a habit of saving money. And this is one that actually works!

Miguel Aquino shares his first-hand experience of learning the habit of saving on his social media account.

Money saving

In the Facebook post, he shares how he, like most of us, loved to spend so much money. He also loved buying bottled drinks from convenience stores. And while he’d save most of the empty bottles for recycling, he’d still throw a lot of bottles away.

Miguel also shared how he kept having too much coins in his pockets, making it quite heavy to carry around.

And so, he took these two simple problems and found a life-changing solution for a whole bigger problem.

Money saving

Miguel began putting all his coins into the bottles, and slowly it became a habit of his to save all of his coins by the end of the day.

He says that one of the reasons he continued doing it was because it was encouraging to see more and more bottles filling up with money. So, he also started putting bills into the bottles. (He had filled up more than 7 bottles with money and was even able to save up for a travel fund!)

He also shares that his whole lifestyle changed because of this habit. Instead of buying expensive coffee from famous cafés, he started buying instant coffee that’s a whole lot cheaper.

By the end of 8 months, he had saved more than 54,000 pesos.

Money saving

Miguel’s post proved to be an inspiration for a lot of people who struggle with saving. He’s a great example of what finance experts say about changing your lifestyle–it’s not really just about how much money you make.

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He even admits that he doesn’t earn that much from his job. It’s really just about the right mindset and the right habits.

So yes, it is possible.

Go ahead and save up all those plastic bottles! You know what to do. Happy saving!

You can check out the full story here.

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