Les Verrines Philippines: Indulge in Cakes in a Jar + A Sweet Giveaway!

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Before, jars would always be used as useful containers. Usually, we had jars filled with small random items like paper clips, thimbles, and even nails. It always served that purpose throughout my childhood. Never had I imagined that modern times would finally revolutionize the use of these clear and fragile glasses in a more appealing, creative, and definitely more appetizing and delicious way. That’s when cake jars were made.

Who wouldn’t want to try a jar filled with a sweet, layered, decadent treat? Just the overwhelming thought of scooping a hefty piece of Mango Cheesecake in a glass jar while savoring the sweet, creamy, and bit tangy flavor makes me crave it again. Giving their own spin on this sweet innovation, Les Verrines® Philippines surely made my cake-in-a-jar experience all worthwhile.

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Les Verrines® Philippines offers chilled cakes served in a verrine (“glass” in French). They always make sure to provide fresh desserts to all their customers by whipping up a batch and delivering them the day after to ensure their quality products meet high standards.

Though they are still doing transactions online and doing meet-ups to deliver every single jar, they proved to be the successful business they are with the increasing number of customers ordering (and re-ordering) from them each week. With some additions such as new flavors, they’ve also widened their market, catering for events and parties. And now not only offering cake jars, but also whole 6″ and 10″ cakes!

Owner Stephanie Flores admits that it is hard to maintain the growing number of orders she receives every week especially that she has to make and deliver each jar, but with a little determination and hard work, it all pays off knowing their satisfied customers enjoyed a jar of their mouth-watering desserts.

Les Verrines 5Classy jars filled with layers of deliciousness!

To give you the ropes, here are 5 simple steps to follow to finally have your very own Les Verrines® cake jar:

5. Choose a flavor(s)

Pick from a variety of flavors available:

  • Original flavors: Mango Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake
  • Special flavors: Chocolate Truffle, Kitkat Cheesecake, S’mores
  • For 120 ml jars – (Price range: P69- P89 each) minimum order of 12 jars
  • For 200 ml jars – (Price range: P119- P169 each) minimum order of 2 jars
  • For 6″ cakes – (Price range: P429- P569 each)
  • For 10″ cakes – (Price range: P849- P1,189 each)

Les Verrines 1Blueberry Cheesecake!

Les Verrines 09Strawberry Cheesecake!

4. Arrange the meet-up

Get in touch with Stephanie through her contact numbers (provided at the end of this article) and arrange the date, time, and place of your meet-up.

3. Pay and claim your order

Finally, you’ll get to see your order. Just pay the corresponding price, claim, and victory is yours!

Les Verrines 3

2. Read the friendly reminder on the jar

Before our tempting thoughts get the best of us, make sure to read the important note on the jar. Be sure to read it! Their S’mores, for example. Tempting as it may look, it is best served heated in the microwave.

1. Enjoy!

Les Verrines 6One of their best sellers. Chocolate Truffle!

Les Verrines 7I can almost hear this one whisper “Take a biiite!!”


Les Verrines® Giveaway

Want to taste a slice of heaven in a jar? This is your chance to try Les Verrines cake jars by joining our Rafflecopter giveaway. We’ll be picking FOUR winners, each of which will receive four 120 ml jars (3 original flavors and 1 special flavor or your choice). Sign up through the link below!

Les Verrines Rafflecopter giveaway. Sign up here!



 Les Verrines® Philippines
Contact Numbers: 09175994585 / 09479944858
Email: lesverrinesph@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LesVerrinesPH
Twitter & Instagram: @LesVerrinesPH